Professionelle kommunale Reinigung mit R+M / Suttner

kommunal365+ – Everything for municipal cleaning applications 

Our product line kommunal365+ offers you a complete system for professional cleaning of streets, motorways and drains i.e. being especially designed for applications with high flow rates at mobile devices.

Ergonomic handling, high flexibility in use and an enormous long-life cycle characterize the spraying units, accessories and hydraulically driven high pressure units which are made out of first-class material.

Regarding the development and choice of our components absolute priority was given to a robust construction in order to be prepared for extreme and daily applications. The kommunal365+ brochure gives you detailed information about our kommunal365+ products.

You can download it as a pdf-file

Pistole ST-2320 kommunal365+ R+M / Suttner

Produkte für die Rohr- und Kanalreinigu

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kommunal365+ brochure

Our product line kommunal365+ offers you a complete system for professional …
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