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weeddevil device for weed control / lance with cone

Our new weeddevil weed killer has got offspring...

easyfoam365+ ST-160 wall mount

For our injectors ST-160 and ST-166 we now offer you the new wall bracket...
R+M de Wit GmbH

Prewashing trolley made of stainless steel

With the new mobile prewash trolley, we are expanding our product range...
R+M de Wit GmbH

Hygiene station

Trust disinfection and protection! With the new hygiene station...
ST-3225 Pistole mit PUReClean365+ 40 Schlauchleitung als SET

Food Special SET

Now we offer you the ideal hygiene solution for the food industry as a SET...
R+M de Wit GmbH

easywash365+ lance holder

In this new lance holder from the R + M / Suttner easywash365 + range, double lances..