New investments enable the testing and certification according to EN ISO standards internally at R+M / Suttner with immediate effect.

Impulse test at R+M de Wit

Universal, state-of-the-art test bench GH 4000 by Geb. HELD Company equipped with the latest Siemens touch screen PLC. The entire test is implemented by means of the control system – within or outside the standard. The impulse pressure cycle is being controlled and archived using the control panel. The shown tolerance lines present the tolerances prescribed by the standards with a clock rate of up to 1.5 Hz.

The pressure impulse test complies with EN ISO 6803. Up to 6 hoses can be tested at a time and the test chamber provides for 36 different connection options. The test ranges from 15 to 1,500 bar and is suitable for temperatures up to 130 °C – also for hydrostatic testing according to EN ISO 1402. In order to safely detect minor leakages producing oil spray, an oil spray monitoring system is integrated in the test chamber.

The sophisticated software documents each test in a chart certificate which can also be customised regarding special pressure curves.

Burst pressure test at R+M de Wit

The ultra-modern pressure test bench HSS from the itensify Company with the latest PLC enables the hydrostatic test according to EN ISO 1402 up to 3,000 bars. The test medium is water. Thanks to a charge pump, automatic filling and venting for pressure testing of hoses up to about 200 m is possible. The special software EasyLogging prepares a professional, digital pressure test log. The pressure curve can be documented by individual test steps from 0 to 3,000 bars.

  • Pressure and temperature curve of the test medium
  • Information such as date, test item, serial number, operator, customer name, log number, test item serial number
  • Test can be customised
  • The digital test log can be printed at any time if requested