R+M / Suttner has renewed the complete injection moulding plant and thus invested in the future

The tie-bar-less “victory” machine from Engel is the proven multi-talent among injection moulding machines. With this investment, we have opted for a flexible modular system to produce a wide variety of technical and thick-walled parts in the highest quality. The new moulded parts also inspire our customers.

An investment for the future with high flexibility at highest quality!

Staff seminars for the “smart machine” solutions

With “smart machine” solutions, the full potential of the machines can be utilised. These so-called iQ solutions are active and passive assistance systems similar to those in cars. They detect even small deviations in the production conditions during the running process, some of which can have a major influence on the end product, and automatically set the optimum production parameters. Users are thus optimally supported during set-up and can enjoy consistently high part quality, significantly less waste and greatly improved energy efficiency.

R+M / Suttner attaches great importance to energy efficiency and in doing so invests in our environment and conserves resources

The new injection moulding machines at Suttner emit significantly less heat than the old models. The thermographic images showed these significantly higher temperatures with the old machines. Our new “Engel machines” are far better positioned in terms of energy radiation.Our new “angel machines” are far better positioned in terms of energy radiation.Our new “angel machines” are far better positioned in terms of energy radiation. The new machines are much more energy-efficient: This is not only good for the environment, but a real savings potential in the production of our many plastic parts.

Multi-talents for precision and flexibility

  • Proven tie-bar-less technology for large tools
  • Perfect production of our various technical and thick-walled parts in the highest quality
  • Particularly even distribution of the clamping force with guaranteed, constant part quality
  • Injection unit with precise injection process and high plasticisation
  • Control with modern, individual configurability
  • Efficient drive technology with low friction for particularly low energy consumption
  • Reduced air turbulence and low-emission drive technology for cleanroom-compatible production

Die alte Spritzerei

Retired: The good old machines have been retired. Now we only produce with Engel machines. Since 2013, Engel has been the world market leader with production sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, China & Korea and 29 sales offices worldwide.

Engel-Maschine am Haken

Preparations and assembly: The carcasses were lifted with a crane. A relatively small machine is hanging on the hook here.

Mitarbeiterschulung mit einem Profi von der Firma Engel

With professionals from Engel: The employees were trained at Suttner on the extended functions of the Engel injection moulding machine control.