Sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles

More performance, more durability, more safety – our engineers are continuously testing, exploring, and developing on the computer, in the lab, and in practice to render professional pipe and sewer cleaning even more effective.

At Suttner’s, numerous prototypes are built every year which are then tested and analysed on our test benches and in practice under real conditions before finally being manufactured in series.

Especially throughout this year, we have broadened our product range of sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles and launched a large number of new products.

In addition to a variety of traditional pipe cleaning nozzles of brass, bronze, stainless steel, and hardened stainless steel, we developed special milling nozzles for penetration of completely clogged pipes. On the other hand, our Granat-RR nozzles are experts in eliminating mud deposits and defrosting.

We are specially proud of our Vibra rotation nozzles: Their housing is made of stainless steel and their rotating body is made of bronze. The excellent cleaning effect is achieved by several rotating jets and simultaneous vibration reducing friction between hose and pipe wall.

Only recently, our product range has been complemented by the brand-new egg-type RR nozzles with radial jet. They are powerful, light, as well as agile and are used as a great all-round nozzle with replaceable inserts in sanitary applications.