New trainees at R+M / Suttner

We would like to take the opportunity to present our trainees who started their training at R+M in Velbert and at Suttner in Leopoldshöhe in August 2016. Welcome to everybody on board!

Herzlich Willkommen – Unsere Auszubildende 2016

Our trainees at R+M:

Ylenia Biondolillo
Yakup Kaya are trained as wholesale and foreign trade merchant with wholesaling as specialization.

Kai Fürguth
is our new trainee as specialist for warehouse logistics.

Unsere neuen Auszubildende für das Jahr 2016

Our trainees at Suttner:

Brian Galouo-Auyilaborth
Daniel Raabe have started their training as cutting machine operator with turning as specialization.

Kevin Atawin is our new trainee as process engineer with plastic and rubber technology as specialization and

Jonas Schmidt does his training as specialist for warehouse logistics.

We are anxious to guarantee a very qualified training in order to best possibly prepare our trainees for a smooth start into working life.

Please have every confidence in our new staff members! We are convinced that you shortly see that you are in good hands. We are looking forward to continuing our pleasurable relationship with you that is highly appreciated.