Stainless steel canister holders

Canister holders are compulsory where chemicals have to be stored in production halls. They provide for safe storage at walls and machines – away from the floor. Accidents, spilled substances, and damaged containers are thus avoided. They present a sturdy solution for safe storage of cleaning agents at the workplace. Thanks to the four holes with a size of 8.5 mm, they can be installed easily on any safe ground. The holders are available for canisters with an overall weight of 5, 10, 20, or 25 kg. A combination of two canisters with 5 kg each in one holder featuring up to 10 kg is also possible. For professional use, two 10 kg canisters or one 20 / 25 kg canister can be stored in a canister holder with a capacity of 25 kg. They are machined from one piece of sturdy stainless steel to avoid welded joints or possible fracture points in the material.

Designed and manufactured in Germany with a material thickness of 1.5 mm.

For detailed information about our new stainless steel canister holder, please refer to our flyer available as PDF download.