Questions regarding customer satisfaction 2017

Your name and the one of your company (customer number, if on hand):
  1. How do you rate service and quality since summer 2016?
  2. Please gauge R+M / Suttner`s service and performance and mark all points with the letter x which are of great importance to you.
    1.  excellentgoodsufficientinsufficientimportance
    2. degree of product innovation
    3. product quality
    4. variety of products
    5. price-performance-ratio
    6. ability to supply
    7. delivery periods
    8. accuracy of consignments
    9. packing quality
    10. adherence to stipulated dates
    11. realization of individual requests
    12. time response to enquiries
    13. advisory service by sales dept.
    14. advisory service by field service
    15. claims management
    16. cooperation
    17. image of R+M / Suttner
  3. Which product changes / new products within the last 12 months did come up to your entire satisfaction?
  4. Which product changes /new products within the last 12 months did not come up to your satisfaction?
  5. Is the range of products offered complete and satisfactory for you?
    optimal assortedwell assorteda few things missingessential things missing
  6. What do you think is missing in the range of products offered by R+M / Suttner?
  7. How do you see R+M / Suttner in comparison with the competition regarding
    1.  considerably betterbetterworseconsiderably worse
    2. ratio price-performance
    3. adherence to stipulated dates
    4. quality of work
    5. customer advisory service
    6. flow of information about improvement/innovation
    7. product quality
    8. customer advisory service
    9. image of R+M / Suttner
  8. How do you assess the communication with your contact person at R+M / Suttner?
  9. Have you already had cause for complaint?
    1. In case of Yes, please state when it approximately was?

    2. Was your complaint accepted and dealt with to your entire satisfaction?

    3. If No, please state why not? (more than one answer possible)

  10. Which fields of R+M / Suttner do you think are in need of improvement?
  11. What do you think should be kept up and not be thought over?
  12. Which overall mark do you give us and the competitors as your supplier?
    R+M / SuttnerCompetitors
  13. What do you expect regarding your turnover with R+M / Suttner in the course of the next two years?
  14. Your personal message (praise, criticism, requests, concerns, wishes):