We attach great importance to SUSTAINABILITY

Durability is the essence of quality, research, and development.

As a Top 100 innovative company, we also think about the environment and always offer spare parts for our products.

Our guns are developed for professional cleaning and, featuring the LTF technology, they also focus on ergonomics, such as holding force reduced by 90 % and trigger force reduced by 40 % compared to customary guns in the market…

We use high-quality materials to avoid abrasion and to preserve the product for a long time. Thanks to the indestructible and unbreakable housing of our guns, we recommend to replace the valve in case of a failure, i.e. life-prolonging measures. To this end, the guns are designed in a way that spare parts can be dismantled in a non-destructive way using conventional tools.This significantly reduces the amount of waste and scrap and saves valuable resources and the climate.
In our shop, you can access repair and maintenance information at any time and benefit from a very short delivery time. You are thus save from longer downtimes.

We keep spare parts in stock for many decades, are your contact person for the provision of spare parts, and always recommend the appropiate measures for a long service life, even with videos.

See for yourself.