Towing-Eye Kit ST-49

Cable Pulling is a chore for companies involved in communication and data cable installation. Many are now using high-pressure water sewer jetting kits as one option for pulling cables through conduit.

Typically a strong but lightweight high pressure hose equipped with a maximum thrust nozzle is run from one junction box to another. All our sewer nozzles with centric front thread for M5 inserts can be equipped with an eyebolt for convenient attachment to a sewer hose line.

The nozzle with the bolt eye pulls the sewer hose into the conduit to the next connection box, and in turn the sewer hose line is used to pull the actual cable through the conduit.

The ST-49 Ultra Thrust nozzles with its High Thrust (20°) pulling capabilities is an ideal tool for long distance towing applications.  For shorter towing lengths, the ST-49 Egg-type nozzles with a 30° thrust angle and smooth shape can be used.