• Many thanks

    RM Suttner Alle sagen Danke | Many thanks
  • Sharing knowledge

    RM Suttner Wissen teilen | Sharing knowledge
  • Familiarising with workflows

    RM Suttner Arbeitsabläufe kennenlernen | Familiarising with workflows
  • Using products

    RM Suttner Produkte anwenden | Using products
  • Enjoying breaks

    RM Suttner Pausen genießen | Enjoying breaks

R+M and Suttner apprentices met in Velbert

The first joint information day for all apprentices of the R+M / Suttner Group of Companies was very successful. All apprentices had the chance to talk about the various apprenticeships offered by the group and to familiarise with the workflows in Velbert.
Many thanks to our apprentices in Velbert for the great organisation. We are looking forward to the next exchange in Leopoldshöhe in 2020.