R+M / Suttner Company presentation

R+M / Suttner

ST-58 Rep.Kit – Replace seal kit

R+M / Suttner Replacing the hose

of a high-pressure telescopic lance

R+M motor control easywash365+

ST-83 Disinfection cold fog device

ST-73.1 / ST-73.2 Foam injector lances

Centrifugal brake mechanism

ST-82 H16 40 Tank cleaner

ST-82 H16/120 Tank cleaner

Automatic inlet window

Surface cleaner FL-SAR 300

Easyfarm 365+

easyturn ST-9.7 – colored lances

ST-175 Twin foam lance

foamblaster ST-76

ST-78 Longcast lances

ST-555 Sandblaster

Mud suckers

Long Cast Nozzle

Foaming a rotary milking carousel

easyclean365+ Gun

easyfoam365+ foam and disinfectant units ST-164

Injektore ST-167 and ST-168


Floor cleaner heart shape TD1200VA 

Floor cleaner Floater 520

Hose press