R+M / Suttner – your partner for the professional cleaning technology!

R+M / Suttner is the world’s leading supplier of professional cleaning and hygiene technology Made in Germany. Supported by more than 50 years of experience and know-how R+M / Suttner develops and produces high quality components, spare parts and accessories for high pressure cleaner and industrial vacuum cleaner.

Based on the advantageous combination of wholesaling and production R+M / Suttner provides the exacting customer with individually tailored system solutions from one source.


Suttner pressure relief valve ST-230R+M de Wit GmbH

Pressure Relief Valve ST-230

With the new ST-230 pressure relief valve, you can reliably protect your water-driven high-pressure systems...
professional surface cleaner with a sturdy ABS coverR+M de Wit Gmbh

Floater 520

The new professional surface cleaner with a sturdy ABS cover ensures area-wide cleaning...
Hose reel trolley, stainless steelR+M de Wit GmbH

Hose reel trolley, stainless steel

The brand new hose reel trolley made of stainless steel offers you space for hose reels...
Wall mounts for Motor-Pump UnitsR+M de Wit GmbH

Wall mounts for Motor-Pump Units

The new stainless steel wall brackets for motor-pump combinations are now available in three different sizes...
Motorsteuerung easywash365+R+M de Wit GmbH

R+M motor control easywash365 +

With our R + M motor control easywash365 + we offer you a professional solution for controlling...
R+M de Wit GmbH

Heart-shaped floor cleaner

Our new surface cleaner with 3 rotor arms and 6 high pressure nozzles...

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