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R+M / Suttner is the world’s leading supplier of professional cleaning and hygiene technology Made in Germany. Supported by more than 50 years of experience and know-how R+M / Suttner develops and produces high quality components, spare parts and accessories for high pressure cleaner and industrial vacuum cleaner.

Based on the advantageous combination of wholesaling and production R+M / Suttner provides the exacting customer with individually tailored system solutions from one source.


R+M de Wit GbmbH

CARWASH COMFORT and easywash365+ PREMIUM combinations

Die neuen CARWASH COMFORT PREMIUM Schläuche sind mit den kugelgelagerten easywash365+ Pistolen eine perfekte Kombination...
high pressure food hoses DN 11R+M de Wit GmbH

PUReClean365+® 150 Food hoses ID 8

With a working pressure of 150 bar, our new food high-pressure hose PUReClean365+® 150...
Aktiver Niederdruck-Schaumkopf  

Foam head ST-75.3

Now you can also foam in the low pressure range...
R+M de Wit GmbH

Everything for sewer cleaning applications

We have put together sewer cleaning hose lines, various nozzles...
CARWASH-COMFORT-Premium, der biegsame Schlauch für SB-Waschboxen


Matching our renowned carwash guns, you can now use an extremely bend-friendly, highly flexible hose...
Everything for professional carwash foamingR+M de Wit GmbH

Everything for professional carwash foam application

With this brochure you can quickly and easily get an overview of foam applications in the carwash sector....

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