R+M/Suttner’s hygienic colour-coding concept

Suttner’s color-coded concept provides a pragmatic approach to the food sector’s challenges of ensuring efficient hygienic cleaning and a visibly safe physical environment in:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing facilities and throughout their supply chain
  • Professional kitchens and restaurants
  • Food-related areas of supermarkets and shops

Durable and effective accessories

All of R+M/Suttner’s food-industry specific ‘high hygiene’ tools are made of 1935/2004/EC compliant materials and materials which meet the requirements of EC regulation 10/2011/EC regarding food contact materials and can be washed at high temperatures to eliminate germs and bacteria. All equipment is durable, fully molded to guarantee easy cleaning, and capable of maintaining a long-lasting attractive appearance. The effective tool range includes spray and foam guns, spray lances, nozzle protectors, foam lances and hoses in up to four color-code options.