ST-167 easyfoam365+ – Chemical Injector for Professional Car Washing

Nowadays, as road freight transport carries 45% of goods, the time which is needed to prepare the vehicle for another journey is becoming a key issue.

Taking into account efficiency as well as environmental issues washing a car or truck at a professional car wash station is the only solution. Appropriate car wash equipment helps to optimize the process, shortens washing time and increases the efficiency of the washing process.

The main element of the ST-167 easyfoam365+ system is a chemical injector whose task it is to mix water and appropriate chemicals for the different cleaning steps in the manual cleaning process in professional car washing. The air is added by an active foam lance that is self-sucking air from the environment due to an integrated air injector.

According to the specific requirements of the application or the different seasons during a year the chemicals might be different from customer to customer.

Typical in the car fleet sector like at car rental companies, parcel services, public transport or similar are the use of foam cleaning agents for pre-foaming the car or a wax for protection after the high pressure rinsing process.

Designed for the cleaning of vehicles carrying cattle, food, frozen foods and fish in order to avoid bacterial spread the ST-164 easyfoam365+ car wash systems are used with foam cleaning detergents for pre-foaming or a disinfectant that is used after the high pressure rinsing process.

The addition of chemicals is determined by positioning the lever. All versions are suitable for the addition in high pressure from approx. 80 bar up to max. 350 bar. When being operated in rinsing function up to 60 l/min pass through the unit virtually without any drop in pressure. Much more than required in modern car washes where saving of water and reduction of chemical consumption is one of the highest goals. For costs, but for environmental reasons, too.

The main reason, why the ST-167 easyfoam365+ car wash system saves chemicals is due to its high foam capabilities. Foam is used in the car cleaning process because it has multiple benefits:

  • The chemical is contained inside the walls of the foam bubble, only. This blows up the volume significantly that can be spread out and makes it easier to cover all areas.
  • Foam is very visible, so that it is very easy to separate applied and missed areas and prevents over-spraying.
  • Due to its reduced density, the foam/chemical “hangs” or “dwells” on the surface giving it more time to work. It uses less water in the rinsing process, then.

Due to ST-167s changeable injector nozzles the complete setup including foam lance can be driven with all pressure washers with flow rates from 5 to 60 l/min. An additional air-compressor is not needed.

To give you some ideas about the foaming process please have look at the following video.