weeddevil sustainably eliminates weed – you only need hot water for it!

Our newly developed device for weed control weeddevil is a highly innovative system solution completely made out of stainless steel for the sustainable weed control. It is connected to your high pressure spray gun and equipped with two robustly industrial castors in order to be easily moved. For the application you need a hot-water device that works with a water temperature of at least 90 °C. By having developed this entirely chemical-free method we set the trend towards a good environment. This new product has been developed by our engineers and it is especially designed for the professional service provider being busy in the garden-, municipal and building cleaning industry.

The weeddevil is suitable for low and high pressure applications from 0 to 350 bar at a temperature of max. 120°C. Its extremely robust design immediately convinces the user! The robustly industrial castors with a diameter of 260 mm guarantee an easy manoeuvring in curves and around obstacles even on uneven undergrounds. The handle which can be used at the left or right optimises the handling and protects during hot water applications. Our spray gun ST-2605 equipped with the patented LTF technology is highly recommended for an effortless working.

Detailed information about our convincing new development weeddevil are given on our data sheet as a pdf-file.

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