Der Injektor ST-164 vor einer Wand mit Schaum von R+M / Suttner
easyfoam365+ foam and disinfectant units ST-164

The efficient easyfoam365+ foam and disinfectant unit ST-164 is indispensable in areas which need to be frequently cleaned and disinfected. In doing so, it helps to ensure a high level of hygiene together with utmost flexibility and profitability. The foam and disinfectant unit is particularly used for cleaning of livestock or refrigerator trucks as well as in the food processing industry.

The blending unit combines stainless steel with special high-performance plastics. By means of the lever, you determine the addition of one of the two chemicals being connected. Thanks to the available options, it is suitable for low-pressure addition as from about 4 bars up to a maximum pressure of 350 bars. In the rinsing mode, up to 60 l/min may pass the injector unit with almost no pressure drop.

The easyfoam365+ injector ST-164 is provided with an optional compressed air connection for being able to add the quantity of air required for foaming already in the injector unit. In order to produce foam a foam lance without air intake is absolutely required. We recommend use of a gun with large cross-sections such as ST-2725, ST-3100, or ST-3225 with matching lances and foam hoses (e.g. blufood+). As from a water inlet pressure of 4 bars, the injector features an excellent foam result if a corresponding compressed air supply is given.

10 different dosing nozzle inserts are included in the scope of supply for fixed dosing settings.

The chemicals connection with sleeve for the dosing nozzles is provided with a hose tail (10 mm) for chemicals suction hoses enabling suction of high-viscosity media such as smoke resin remover.

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