Very worthwhile supplementation of product range by means of rotating nozzles for sewer cleaning

Now up-to-date, supplemented with many new products.

After having conducted extensive conversations with the leading manufacturers and service providers being busy in the professional sewer cleaning industry we decided once again to supplement our range of nozzles for sewer cleaning. Especially worth mentioning are the rotating nozzles for sewer cleaning with rotors made out of high pressure bronze.

In contrast to rotating nozzles with stainless steel rotors nozzles with rotors made out of bronze have emergency running characteristics which are especially used when starting or decelerating the nozzles if the hydrodynamic water film in the gap has not yet been formed within the starting phase of the nozzle or if the hydrostatic lubrication is not effective anymore when switching off. This often leads to a friction of composites or solids which might promptly result in cold welding and destruction of the nozzle in case of material combinations without emergency running characteristics.

The bronze body of the newly rotating nozzle ST-49.2 for sewer cleaning rotates around a hardened and polished stainless steel axis being equipped with two or four cross holes (according to the used version). This stainless steel axis makes a pressure-loss-optimized flow of the nozzles possible. The nozzles are available in two sizes having the connection of a 1/4“ or 3/4“ female thread. These nozzles available as rotating nozzles as well as rotating / vibrating nozzles are designed for a pressure of up to 350 bar. They are equipped with the especially hardened M5 stainless steel nozzle inlets which are also used in all other modular Suttner nozzles for sewer cleaning. Rotating-vibrating nozzles reduce the friction between hose and pipe wall by means of the vibrations produced in the nozzle. Especially in narrow pipe bends and long pipe systems the retraction of the hose is effectively supported such as in case of the use of „Jetter Valves“ without any disturbing reduction of the water performance at the nozzle.

Further information are given in our product brochure Everything for sewer cleaning applications.

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