Foaming at a height of 10 m

When using cleaning foam, the contact time of the cleaning agent can be increased significantly while consumption is clearly reduced. Thanks to the air added to the mixture of cleaning agent and water, the volume is increased resulting in a considerable rise in operating efficiency. Another advantage of foam is its visibility: You can see clearly which areas have already been covered by foam and which areas still need to be foamed. Moreover, when compared to pre-spraying of chemicals, considerably less aerosol is generated resulting in a clearly reduced impact on user and environment.

For being able to apply foam even in areas which are difficult to access, especially at high levels, R+M/Suttner now offers a long-cast foam nozzle. When combined with a conventional professional or semi-professional high-pressure cleaner and a suitable injector, a reach of more than 10 m can be achieved.

This is how foam applications can be realized easily for cleaning of roofs, facades, or even interior walls of container ships where long reach as well as great heights are required. Often, expensive scaffolding of the property to be cleaned can even be avoided.

Thanks to the easily exchangeable air injector nozzles and a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar, the foam nozzles adapt to any high-pressure equipment. The maximum foam volume depends upon the respective nozzle size and water quantity of the high-pressure equipment. The air volume can be set directly at the nozzle and enables tailoring of foam result and reach to the respective application.

The foam head is made of a high-quality combination of stainless steel and plastic material and thus suitable for almost any conventional cleaning agent and disinfectant.