Have you already known?

…that nearly 80 % of all nozzle complaints could be easily avoided.

The use of water intake filter is meanwhile indispensable for every high pressure application in order to avoid damages at pumps, valves and accessory parts. But, however evaluations and surveys that were executed among our customers as well as in the application technology reveal that it is possible to avoid almost additional 80 % of the complaints at high pressure, rotating and sewer cleaning nozzles provided that one final filtration of the high pressure medium was carried out directly in front of the nozzle.

Blockages of nozzles or increased wear in nozzles with movable inner parts are especially caused by a frequent exchange of the accessories, lengthening or shortening of the hose pipe at the construction site or simply by dirt arising by the assembly of the stationary pipelines. High pressure filter being installed directly in front of the nozzle provide remedy. The filter element that should be preferably exchangeable should be designed that it offers a good compromise between pressure loss and filter performance. High pressure filter without a specified flow direction are very suitable as it is possible to install them at different places (e.g. directly between lance and nozzle or at the inlet of the lance in terms of ergonomics) without having much time adaptation involved.

Our high pressure filter ST-33 (200033855) being equipped with a ¼“ female and male thread (bidirectionally flowing through) in a very robust brass version providing a maximally allowed working pressure of 400 bar / 6,000 PSI is highly recommended by us for this purpose.

More information about our high pressure filter ST-33 can be learnt from our data sheet which can be downloaded as pdf-file german . english.

We really hope that you have much less reason for complaint in future.