easyfoam365+ foam injector ST-160.3

ST-160.3 – injector for large water quantities and high dosages

The stainless steel injector features three pairs of injector and nozzle in one housing which can be configured independently. This enables numerous metering and foam applications. Since each pair of nozzles has its own chemical inlet, different chemicals can also be mixed in different ratios. In the low-pressure range, flow rates of up to 20 l/min can be realised. This is why, the injector is suitable for quick and easy filling of scrubber dryer while up to 5 l/min of cleaning agent can be added. In the high-pressure range, water quantities of more than 100 l/min can be realised without any problems. For example, fixed or mobile foam arches, such as required for cleaning the inside of tunnels, can be operated with a large number of foam nozzles. In order to produce large foam quantities in the low-pressure range, the injector is provided with an compressed air connection.

Injector chemically resistant stainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 304. Injector with compressed air connection and wall bracket. Inlet / outlet 1/2″ F. Max. 350 bar / 90 °C